Today, I made a concerted effort to do absolutely nothing.  Granted, I've been doing nothing for 5+ years, but this was a wee bit different.  In the last couple of weeks, I've has something to do, something to anticipate, something to think/worry about every day.  With Madeleine's vet visit Tuesday, and getting Hannah to and from her doctor's appointment yesterday, all my obligations came to an end.  So, today, I could shower or not (I did), know I had enough provisions to keep me from having to make a grocery run, know there were unlikely to be any frantic phone calls --- just relax.

I finished my Presidents' Day square:
I don't know about you, but I'm trying to find different stitches for each square.  If a particular yarn won't take to something, stockinette is the default, but I've been very lucky so far.

I found this in a catalog the other day.  Is this beautiful, or what?  The pattern is for a long, long tube, stuffed and then knotted.
I'm well aware that one of the draws here, for me at least, is the spareness in the photo.  I like crisp lines and "plainness."  But that is still a gorgeous, and brilliant, knit design.


  1. Seriously doing nothing is a wonderful luxury.


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