Chewy Review

No, not Chewbacca.  Although I did finally see "The Force Awakens."  Thumb up, if you're interested.

This is my review of one of my latest products:
Weruva cat litter.

The smell.  Oh, this smells so good.  Clean.  My cats didn't hesitate to use the boxes I put it in --- sometimes a shift in litter takes them by surprise, and they'll avoid it for a while.  Not this.  It holds odors well, and its pieces are small enough to fit through the slats in my litter scoop.  That's also something different from other litters I've tried, and very much appreciated.

Weruva litter gets a solid "A" from me.  I will buy some in the future.

Once again, remember that I receive no monetary compensation whatsoever from  Each month, they provide me with products to review.  My reviews are true statements of my, and my pets', experiences with the products.


  1. What does it smell like? How strong are your cat odors to begin with? My cat eats high protein and reeks something awful.

  2. Mine completely avoid it. I tried it tooo! We love Dr. someone's litter attract brand anyhow. not sure why i told Sydney I'd try it Glad it was paws up at your place


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