Kathy Asked Some Questions

Which I will answer here.  Feel free to answer them yourselves, in the comments section here, on your blog, or simply in your own head.

1. Favorite way to show your Holiday cards off?
I tape them around the door jamb leading into the dining room.

2. Music solo:  Piano or violin or guitar?

3. Fingerless or mittens?

4. Tinsel or garland?
Garland.  Tinsel strands are such a pain.
When I was little, the sight of discarded Christmas trees, naked but for tinsel, made me kind of sad.

5. Ham or Turkey?

6. Snowman or Santa?
Oh, the guilt that comes with not saying "Santa"!  But I have to go with snowman.

7. Brunch or Dinner?
Completely dependent on what is being served.

8. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping.  Hands down.

9. Placemats or tablecloth?
Both.  Though I have a tablecloth that I have guests sign when they eat with us.  I embroider their signatures;  it's quite a keepsake.

10. Candles or fire in the fireplace?
Fire.  You can't beat the crackle and the smell.


  1. Kim so happy you played along. The downed Christmas trees with tinsel always make me sad.....still!

  2. That is such a cool tablecloth idea! You need to share a picture.

    I'll have to give this Q&A a try this weekend. :-)


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