Breaking Bread

Bridget expressed an interest in the tablecloth I mentioned last time.  To re-cap, whenever someone eats with us in this house, I use this tablecloth and have them sign and date it.  They write with pencil, then I embroider to make it permanent.  And, yes, Hannah and Briton got to sign when they were old enough to write legibly:

This is actually a "tradition" --- my mother did this same thing.  When I moved into my first apartment, her housewarming gift to me was my own blank tablecloth.  That's exactly the sort of thing my mother would think of, and it sort of choked me up.  One of the things I was very sure to get from the house after she died was her cloth.

As for colors, I embroidered with whatever color the person was wearing at the time.  Sort of a double, triple way to remember.


  1. Such a fantastic thing to do/have.

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  3. Oh I love this, and it's one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time! Thanks for showing us what it looks like. :-)

  4. Question: if the person is a former gf/bf of H or B--do you remove the name if requested?


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