Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Minivan" Should Be The Drinking Game Word Here

I decided that, despite my lack of life outside this house, I needed a rental car while my son has mine.  I made an online reservation, following up with a call to tell my enterprise "branch" that I needed to be picked up.  Was told there were no cars available.  None Friday, none yesterday.  Today, 45 minutes before their office closed, I got a call that a minivan was available.

I had reserved a compact.

I haven't driven a minivan since last century.

It's a nice minivan --- don't get me wrong.  But it scarcely fits in the garage.  

Our minivan must have been smaller than I remember.


  1. Let me guess--home game this past weekend?

  2. You are right. Minivans have swelled up (swollen up?) considerably since the last century. As have pickups and my waistline.



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