Happy Holiday?

I don't know how my grandparents ever did it --- getting all the children to be at a holiday.  My mother was one of five children, my father one of seven, no one lived in the same city, and yet, there was always That Day that everyone stuffed into those little houses (!) and ate and caught up and ate and tried to out-brag and ate.

After eating (for the first time!), I would always go with my uncles and watch whatever sport was on the really snowy, static-y TV.  Or, if it was warm enough, I'd join them outside, where they were  smoking or chewing and just shooting the breeze.  Maybe whittling.  I have wonderful HD-picture quality memories of me and Daddy handing a block of cedar back and forth, taking turns with his pocketknife, seeing who could shave off the smoothest, thinnest slice.

All that to say that I have two children, who don't have children, and who live in the same city as me, and we can't figure out if we're going to be able to get together this Thursday or not.


  1. Sometimes I think the more people involved, the easier things are. I can make plans with four people and we actually do it. One other person? Let the rescheduling begin!

  2. Bigger groups do seem to breed herd mentality or some other form of momentum. I hope your crew gets together!


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