Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chewy Review, Part 2

A while back, I talked about my November goodies from  (It was the 7th, if any of you are playing along at home.)  There was a bag of cat treats, which didn't even last through the rest of the afternoon they arrived, and a box of litter box liners.  At the time, I mentioned that I was going to let my son try the liners out, because his cat is really, really, really tough on liners.

This is Buddy.
Now, Buddy doesn't necessarily look like a Destroyer of Things, but he has slain every type of litter box liner my son has ever used.  Until now.
Jonny Cat is withstanding all of Buddy's shreddery.  I was skeptical, but I've seen it for myself.  They truly are heavy duty.

Remember that I am receiving no compensation whatsoever from  I provide monthly reviews of their products, reflecting my true experiences with them.

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