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Yin and Yang

The fulcrum of this week has been Briton's birthday.  This year, there was special seating:

Madeleine ran a quick quality test before Briton (and Hannah) got here:
She approved.  She also managed to dislodge some of the lights,  Fairly easy fix, though.

We had a nice dinner, with lots of good conversation.  Between Hannah and Briton, video games are always a topic, and they always wind up at Pokemon.

The two of them are almost perfect polar opposites.  Other than their last name, the only thing the same about them is their father's brown eyes.  When they are on the same page, truly getting along, it is magic.  Out of this world.  When one or the other is a little snippy, it will crack an awful chasm between them that contaminates the entire time they spend together.  Either way, there's nothing to do but watch.


  1. But they are lovely people, and as long as they love each other in the end, it's all good, right?

  2. So very perfectly put. THey are so good looking! Hope it was mostly all good!!

  3. The first time I heard my two sons, 4.5 years apart, have a civil conversation the elder was in college. Since then they have become friends.


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