Whaddaya Think?

Our Travelling Scarf has reached its final destination!  The lovely Kathy has the honor of finishing it up.  Look at how it's grown:
I'm now taking suggestions on what we should do with it.  Raffle?  Sale, with proceeds to charity?  Send it back to one of the knitters?

I would love to do something like this again.  Just sitting here all day makes me hungry for human interaction, and this is one way to get it.  This is probably not a good time of year to actually start something, but maybe we can start coming up with ideas to put into motion in the new year.  Another journeyman project?  Swap(s)?  Collect squares that can be made into a blanket and given to charity?  Secret Pals?

Rupert prefers to be left out of decision-making.  It bores him so.

Riley can't be bothered, either.

And while my back was turned taking pictures, Madeleine helped herself to a drink.

Who's in charge here, anyway?


  1. We could sell through your etsy shop and donate to charity? To your dog charity? Or donate it to someone who needs a warm scarf for the winter?

  2. I like Kim's ideas. I wonder if any of us know a particularly deserving someone who would be touched with the gift of the scarf. I could nominate a few. Perhaps someone in blogland who has had a tough loss this year? It is so colorful and lovely.

  3. No great ideas for the scarf (what fun it was, btw!), but I love to knit squares (for someone else to sew together).

  4. I didn't knit on this one, so won't vote on where it should go, but I'd be in on a squares project.


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