Seven Hundred

Before I explain the title, let's take a look at our lovely two-time Knitters' Chick, Dame Maggie Smith.  Splendid, isn't she?

This is my 700th post.  And this has been the day on which I created it.

Therapy this afternoon, so the boots had to be polished:

The nail polish needed touching up:

Work on a hat to send to Click for Babies
to join the others you've already finished:

Get a needed, but quite terrifying, styrofoam child's head in the mail:

Leave for therapy in the car that anyone who knows me would be able to pick out in a parking lot, unaided.

Hello, Atlanta Highway traffic.

Get to therapy
and park next to that great Thunderbird convertible:
I want one.  Really.  Maybe even in the same color.

After therapy, get back home:

Take Rupert out.  But he won't let you take a picture of his sweet face --- he's done, and he wants to go inside for his treat, thankyouverymuch.

Change into the COMFY CLOTHES,

put Black Violin on Spotify

 and put a hat on that baby head to ratchet down the Creepy:
Even just a little. . .


  1. That baby head is perfect for Halloween! Why is it so creepy? Babies are supposed to be cute!

  2. Seems like a productive day.

    I think the baby head is creepy because it doesn't have features filled in. It's just blank ...

  3. Kim this was a fascinating fun post. I couldnt wait to see the images of your ordinary day. Hmmm a styrofoam head.....

  4. I totally agree with your take on that baby head. And thanks for taking us along on your day!

  5. Also, thanks for the link to Click for Babies. I sent them some hats a couple years ago, but I lost the url. More hats!


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