Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Repeat After Me

My great friend Kathy got hooked on a pattern a while back: the Trap:
It's as long as you care to make it, with an interesting shape, and, as I know you can tell, it's also a wonderful way to use any number of yarn colors you want.

I have been similarly hooked by this:
The Drea Shawl shown here was worked with fingering yarn as the main color, and KPPM as the contrast.  There is nothing better for me, knitting-wise, than a simple pattern that yields pretty results.  So, I set out to find sock yarns and any accompanying yarns that would work as a shawl.  I've got 6 sets.

The first one is being made with Claudia Handpainted Yarn in Crocus:
with A Hundred Ravens'" Tornado Warning:

(There wasn't a picture of the colorway online.)

It isn't a pain to work with, and it has easy starting/stopping points.  You knit 2 rows of one color, 2 rows of the other.  I'm enjoying this piece.  Wonder if I can enjoy it five times more?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. OK, I'll try again. (Blogger keeps deleting my comment - grr!)

    The colors you have chosen are really lovely!

    One of the yarn stores around here had each staff member knit a Drea Shawl in colors they liked, and the results were amazing. Each was prettier than the next. I think you can't go wrong with that one ...

  3. Oh I bet you can!!!!!! Fun fun fun .

  4. Kim- I'm starting this shawl tomorrow! I can't wait. Thanks for the inspiration. Those colors will be amazing! Post updates please!


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