I'm Keeping This Tab Open So I Can Type Things As I Think Of Them

I have a tiny age spot on my right hand.  It's my first one, and it's bothering me more than I would have thought.  Keep in mind, this is the hand Finn attacked --- there are bite scars all the way around.  But this one little brown spot is distressing me to no end.

I keep having a dream in which I'm trying to teach Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to knit.
He adamantly refuses to even try.

My reading momentum has come to a dead, screeching halt.  The book here on the coffee table is enjoyable, but it's simply not gripping me like the half dozen or so before it.  

I've "adopted" a horse through Humanity for Horses.  Each month, I pay for a bale of hay for her.
Her name is Ava Gardner.  I confess --- I chose her because of her name.  Whoever comes up with the horses' names there does a magnificent job.  Check out the website and see.


  1. I'll definitely check out the site- that's so great! I dreamt of knitting last night- I did a perfect job but dropped stitches kept materializing all by themselves- I'm so transparent in my dreams! Knitting dreams can be frustrating.

  2. Cute picture of Jr. !!! Love the horse fund raiser..I'll go check it out

  3. Envy me: I am 66 and have no age spots. I do, however, have arthritis, semi-crippling low back pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, and chronic acid reflux. But no age spots ;-)


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