Sunday, August 30, 2015

We Have Winners!

The new Knitters' Chick is

In results that were, frankly, unexpected, she defeated Meryl Streep by a most impressive margin (63% to 37%}.  She actually sort of breezed through the whole race, now that I look back on it.

Tina was nominated by two readers --- Kim S. (who actually nominated Fey and  Streep) and Carol.   They will each, therefore, receive a grand prize.  Kim's address I have, but, Carol, if you could get in touch with me (handeyecraftsAthotmailDOTcom) and give me yours, I'll have the packages out as soon as I can.

The new Knitters' Hunk is

The votes were 71% to 29% (more than 2-to-1)  Poor Viggo --- runner-up two years in a row.  Somehow, though, I imagine his life will go on.

The grand prize goes to Sam's nominator, Lorette.  Congratulations to you, too!  And thank you for nominating someone I've, personally, had a colossal crush on for close to 40 years.

One more winner to announce: kmkat wins the yarn bowl!  Watch your mailbox or your porch --- I can't decide if I'm sending things USPS or UPS.

That's a wrap for this year, gang.  Thank you ALL.


  1. Whee, thank you! Great knitters' winners.

  2. Hooray! Though honestly, there were a lot of good hunks and chicks this year. I look forward to seeing Sam's face as the Hunk all year!

  3. FABULOUS! I'm sad that it's over. Congrats to winners! It's been fun...

  4. I love when it ends and new winners are crowned, but I hate when it ends because then it ends! Torment- total agony- from start to finish, but the best kind!!! Thanks for the great big good time, Kim!


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