My cat-sitting duty is over.  Hannah and her crew have been moving into their new place today, and they just came and picked Klunk and Wooper up.  The cats were never really any trouble while they were here, but I'm glad to have them gone and moving into their new home.

Hannah brought me a Trader Joe's bag full of yarn and patterns that I had given her a while back, and completely forgotten about.  It's rather like a nice, Christmas-y-type surprise.  I haven't gone through it yet;  I'll let you know what goodies there are when I have.

Only a couple of KH and KC nominations have come in today.  Looking back over my paperwork from last year, I realized I had made a mistake about who should be automatically entered.  Viggo Mortensen was the KH runner-up last year, so I'll be putting him into the draw.  Sorry about that, Viggo.
Come on, man --- I feel bad enough.  Don't give me that face.  You're in the draw, dude.

Thank all of you who have nominated --- there are some inspired choices.  Please tell all your friends and fellow knitters to stop by and throw some names into the ring.  They've got until midnight tomorrow night/Monday morning.  More=merrier!!


  1. He does look a bit annoyed there.

  2. Im rehearsing for the opening ceremonies. Let the games begin.


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