Babies Help Me Out

Camille's Prize Package is still being unpacked. 

I know!  I'm taking one skein/hank out at a time, every now and then, daily.  Mostly because if I don't have something, anything, to anticipate, I will not have a reason to move forward.  The Pit will loom. 

My son was over yesterday, and we were talking about KH and KC.  He's trying to come up with his nominees, and I'm sort of wavering on a couple of mine.  We got around to the idea of contests where only people who have passed away could be nominated.  Paul Newman. . .  Persis Khambatta. . .  Clark Gable. . .  Ingrid Bergman. . .  I think I'll tuck that idea away, and revisit it in a few months.  What do you think?


  1. All I have to say is: Gregory Peck.

  2. Paul Newman !! yes yes yes
    I want to nominate someone..i"ll email you


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