When Your Dominant Hand Is Useless

Some things are annoying, but you can live with them:
1) Typing
2)  Turning pages in a book
3)  Cleaning your glasses
4)  Showering;  especially washing your hair
5)  Using any type of utensil

Some things are quite difficult:
1)  Putting your keys in your car's ignition
2)  Turning the keys in your car's ignition
3)  Putting your car into gear
4)  Unscrewing any bottle top

Some things are impossibly hard and painful
1) Unscrewing your car's gas cap
2)  Putting gas in your car
3)  Writing
4)  Opening mail
5)  Using the computer mouse
6)  Knitting


  1. Poor baby. Another blogger I read, http://www.blackbirdseventeen.com/, was in a motor scooter accident last summer and injured her hand badly. You two could commiserate.

  2. Boo hoo! you must heal fast. I know how knitting helps us when we are stressed...or noT

  3. Oh man, I'm just catching up and seeing this. I am so sorry. I do empathize, when I had my hand injury it was SO flipping frustrating with all the things I couldn't do.


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