Unpacking of the box Camille sent has begun.  Man, are you going to love this stuff!  I'm taking one item out at a time, without looking inside, so it's all a surprise to me, too.  She sent one thing that may be the most on-the-nose prize this little contest has ever seen.

The Travelling Scarf is on the move again!  Look how pretty:
If memory serves, it has two more stops to make.  Great big thanks to those who volunteered to knit;  next is deciding what to do with it.  And whether we should have another travelling project. . .


  1. Is it almost MY turn? I cant wait!!!! Hmmm what should we do with it? I cant wait to be part of it

  2. nothing is better than the contest itself! maybe an idea for a traveling is a blanket? or even a twist on the traveling idea- everyone send in a patch (say 10x10 inch square but depending on how many people volunteer) and it can be pieced together as a quilt like throw? kim would not have to do the piecing, it could be done by any volunteer, or sent around and everyone add on a square as they see fit... or a traveling square poncho? anything would be fun...


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