Let's See

I know who two of my Knitters' Hunk nominees are going to be.

I know who two of my Knitters' Chick nominees are going to be.

I've decided that being able to knit, but only for a little bit at a time, is almost as bad as not being able to knit at all.

I can only knit from pre-wound balls of yarn, as I can't use a swift or hand-wind any.

I wonder what adventures the Travelling Scarf is having. . .

Do you remember my Hershel?

Delightfully, the woman who makes them has given one to Scott Wilson.
This is beyond way cool.


  1. Do you know if you will be getting exercises to do, or any PT that will help your hand? When I had nerve damage in my ankle from a surgery, I know that they gave me exercises to do to get my range of motion, etc. back. It was slow, but eventually it was pretty much back to normal.

    I need to write down any nominees I think of for the Knitters' contests. I always have someone in mind, and then once the contest starts, I draw a total blank!

  2. The Traveling Scarf is at my house. I finished knitting the parts I wanted last night, and now I am weaving in ends. It was trapped here for many weeks because I suck at knitting with two needles -- I kept losing one. At one point it stayed lost for A MONTH! But the scarf will be moving on in the next few days (tomorrow, if I happen to drive into town). TS is very colorful in a tasteful, organized way. Pictures on my blog soon.

  3. That's simply priceless. what a great photo.
    I better work on my nominations.
    Times a wasting


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