Thank you all for your very kind words about Finn.  Briton and Hannah don't want to talk about it, so I've only got you to discuss it with.  So many of you are pet owners, and understand exactly what's going on.  Thank you.

Briton has moved into a house with a friend of his, and yesterday, I was tasked with getting him to U-Haul to pick up his truck.  While I was waiting, I took pictures of my hand:
You can see that the worst bites are on the wrist, just where tendons/nerves/muscles/etc. are.  My thumb and index finger are minimally better, but the middle finger isn't improving at all.  It's also sort of bent at rest:
I try to straighten it, but it's painful to hold it that way for very long.

I am managing to knit some, but only about one row at a time.  The problem, as you all know, is that knitters are hardly ever satisfied with a single row.  "Just one more. . ."


  1. Ouch. The tendons and joints heal most slowly after animal bites, and any infections finds safe harbor there. Be careful please. I'm happy to listen anytime you want to talk. I hope your kids can deal with it all in time too... Hugs. PS I still can't knit from my cat attack from June 9th- but nearly! Hang in there.

  2. You had to do what you had to do. Had Finn bit a child or another adult you could have lost your home. You did the hardest thing Kim. The adults in us have to do this. Giving back the dog that attacked our cat , after soaking up 4 months of my life, was a very hard thing to do. Take care of your knitting hand. I know your heart is hurting. I saw adorable pups at the shelter today. Would you like me to share their joyfulness with you?


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