I thought my glorious gardenia bush had fallen victim to the hard colds we've been having in Winter;  in fact, I was going to have it cut down.  But a few branches here and there are blooming.  Gardenias make me crazy happy.

Over the weekend, I discovered the website Sad Animal Facts.  There is interesting and intriguing information there.  This particular panel made me chuckle.

This little guy isn't part of that site, but doesn't he look crazily glum?

This is Cuddly Cotton yarn.  This yarn has been giving me fits.  I've have cast on five different projects with it, and none of them were right.  The color changes are short, so there aren't any stripes.  It simply refuses to find a pattern that suits it.  Crazy-making!


  1. We planted gardenias at our last house and they always smelled so good. Unfortunately, the climate I currently live in makes gardenias challenging and I don't particularly like gardening that involves much work so I'll just have to admire yours.

  2. Have you looked on Ravelry to see what others have made of that yarn? Sometimes that can jump-start my imagination.


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