Yes, I stayed up until 3 this morning watching my just-arrived DVDs of "Justified --- Season Six."  (Even though I had watched it on TV.)
A) it's a great, great show:
B) it has actors that I loved before watching and actors that I came to love while watching;
C) when you're chronically unemployed, you can engage in that kind of nonsense;
D) Walton Goggins and Walton Goggins' teeth
E) you can have laugh goosebumps and fear goosebumps and teary-eyed goosebumps, all in a single episode;
F) if you're a native Southerner, you recognize an awful lot of the character types;

And, yes, you can knit while you watch, but I usually don't.  I become fixated.  I am able to knit again, as the hand begins to ease out of "hideous" and into "that nauseous yellow-y olive-y green color."

Sorry if that makes any of you wince.  Quick --- cut back to Sam!

There.  All better.


  1. Sam Elliott! I'm in. I'd watch him just stand there.

    Glad the hand is a bit better. Watch for infection, those things can blow up fast.

  2. Someone else i know recommended "Justified"... I have added it to my list (which is so long I can't die for a really, really, really long time).

  3. Enjoy!! glad you hand is healing and in that crazy color stage!


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