The movie theater where my son works is showing The Masters golf tournament for free on one of its screens.  I went in this afternoon to watch, and had such a nice time.  I was the only person in the place, the ball of yarn I had taken with me to work with fit perfectly into the cupholder on the chair arm. . .  And, after checking my work, I find that I didn't make any mistakes, which I guess is pretty good for knitting 3+ hours in the dark.  It was a surprisingly relaxing experience.

When Briton's shift was done, he and I went out for dinner.  Now I'm back home, listening to a thunderstorm rumble outside. 

From all the trees and flowery shrubbery at Augusta, to our Reading/Knitting Tree, buck naked:
Hannah drew the owl and the Mama Bird with her eggs:
For some reason, she wouldn't let us put "leaves" over the owl.  The nest was completely hidden, though.

Finally, not a tree, nor a plant, but a green shirt on my latest Mother Bear bear:

Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. It is truly beautiful here today. Sun is shining and it is mid 60s. I'd like warmer but I'll take it. ThE BIG M tourney is on at our house. It will stay on, and on and on until the green jacket is worn by the winner. The beauty of the Augusta National cannot be downplayed. I don't like to watch TV golf, but I understand Fireman's love of it.


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