More often than not, the final exam in my Intro to Sociology classes was
"You can invite any 7 beings* to a dinner party.  Who are they, and what do your choices say about your social rearing and expectations?"  I would always answer, too.

Today's Ten on Tuesday, then, isn't a stretch for me:
"What 10 Fictional Characters Would You Invite to Dinner?"
1.  Yoda 
2.  Hershel Greene ("The Walking Dead")
3.  Atticus Finch
4.  Hobbes ("Calvin and Hobbes")
5.  Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)
6.  Frank Wheatley ("Sling Blade")
7.  Crow T. Robot ("Mystery Science Theater 3000")
8.  Mrs. Tonitini ("Weekenders")
9.  Bennet Drake ("Ripper Street")
10.  Christina Drayton ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner")

Charlotte (Charlotte's Web) will greet each guest with a personalized web.  Dr. Gregory House will provide piano entertainment.

*Fictional or not, human or not (Secretariat is always on my list.)


  1. Love your list! I wimped out with a major Harry Potter presence.

  2. Oh my gosh you have a great list. Secretariat is a favorite of mine!
    I add: the sisters in the Secret Life of Bees, the Boatwright sisters

  3. Ah yes. Hershel. I would most certainly invite Lady Violet from Downton Abbey.


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