Starting Line

Here it is, the beginning of the Travelling Scarf:
There are two or three more colors I'm going to add before I send it to Nevada.  It will arrive on my size 4 square needles, ready for whatever the knitters waiting for it have in mind.  We're working with sock yarn; the scarf is 36 stitches wide, and each color is added for 18 rows.  To keep a nice edge, the first stitch on each row is slipped purlwise, and the last stitch is knit. 

Quiet days around here lately.  Knitting, reading, rain and naps.


  1. AWESOME!!! Can't wait for my turn. ;)

  2. sounds perfect and easy to send along and keep the pattern and colors going

  3. Oh, boy, this is gonna be fun! Thanks for setting it up!


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