The Trouble with Tea

Last night, I made The Perfect Cup of Tea.*  It had steeped for exactly The Right Amount of Time, meaning it wasn't too weak, nor too bitter.  It had precisely The Right Amount of Sugar.  It looked exquisite in the cup.

The problem with The Perfect Cup of Tea is that you drink it quickly, and want another one as soon as it is finished.  Except the second one won't be Perfect, because you're trying too hard.  The Perfect Cup was just Meant To Happen --- you hadn't thought that much about what you were doing when you made it.  That means it's pointless to try to remember.

But you drink the second cup, all the while planning to make a third cup, because you refuse to be bettered by a little bag of dried leaves.  But you are huffy and resentful now, and don't even want a cup of damn tea.

Lesson: Savor and Remember.  Don't expect to Duplicate.

*Rooibos Cream Caramel from The Tea Table.


  1. awww well Zach loves a cuppa! he worked for Argo Teas for a bit in college.
    What kind do you love most?
    WE send your photo purchase on friday!

  2. I'm just not that into tea, so it all tastes sort of not great to me.


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