Saturday, January 24, 2015


A finished pair of socks, in baby yarn.  I'm sort of enamored of them.

I found these Nativity scene buttons on eBay.  That's my palm they're lying in, so you can imagine how small they are.  I was tickled to find such a very different Nativity to add to my collection, but can't imagine exactly how they'd be used.


  1. What yarn is this, twinnie? So cute!

  2. Make a very very tiny little Nativity scene! You could glue them to a background and make a Christmas ornament out of them.

  3. Hm, yeah, I'd like to see those Nativity buttons in use!! I love Lorette's idea... except I'd SEW them onto a background! ;)

  4. Id' be enamored with the baby blue socks too! They are awesome. The Nativity buttons..Oh my . . Too perfect to use! I love them


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