Good Boots

A good pair of boots, in my experience, aren't just comfortable and snazzy.  Or just comfortable.  Or just snazzy.  Good boots make you feel good when you look at them.  Their color(s), their story, the idea of wearing them all make you happy.  Today's boots are Good Boots:

The colors are neutral, but beautiful, which means I can wear these with practically anything.  The little bit of embroidery is well-placed and quite lovely.  (It occurs that I haven't been showing the backs of these boots;  will have to remember that in days to come.)  The toes are round, which I generally avoid, but they work.

And, finally, they're lizard skin, which I like.  Boots can come in a wide array of skins, and ostrich is probably my ultimate favorite, but lizard is a close second.

That's my Daddy's chair the boots are in.  One pair of his boots is made of elephant hide --- morbid, but interesting.

And it looks like I've mis-placed the boots.  It sure does look like the left boot is on the right and vice versa, doesn't it?

Tomorrow, I think, I shall commence wrapping gifts.  What's happening at your house, holiday-wise?


  1. had no idea ostrich skin was ever used ! Wow.
    Goings on here: holiday candles lit on the hearth, wrapping, and last minute card additions. Knitting to bears game tonight; embarrassed already about our team

  2. Tonight we are trimming the tree, and eating some Christmas cookies!


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