Always A Special Day

More often than not, this is the weekend, the day, the hours, that I am putting lights on the Christmas tree.  This is the time for the Army / Navy football game, and I plain refuse not to watch it.  Somehow or another, almost every year, this is the Saturday after we've bought our tree, and I'm busy.

Hannah and Briton came over yesterday, and we had our Decorate-the-tree-and-eat-lots-of-finger-food afternoon.  If you saw yesterday's post, you know what the tree looks like.  I'm able to enjoy it while sitting, watching the game, and knitting.

And sharing the couch with Finn.

For Boot Day, we have these:
This is a very accurate representation of the color: hot pink.  Someone asked me once what the point was of wearing boots when jeans would cover the most unique part.  First, if I sit and cross my legs, you can see it.  Second, even if no one else knows, I do.


  1. Those are awesome. I love wearing something that's just for me!!


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