I'm Trying, But True Zen Eludes Me

Today, we spent some time waiting for a locksmith.
Over the years, I've become pretty adept at dealing with doors and locks and such, but last night, the front door locked and just would not open.  The latch was stuck, and I couldn't move it.  So, I made a call this morning, and we waited.

When he got here and looked things over, he realized he didn't have a knob that would fit with him, so he went back to his shop.  More waiting.
So much waiting that naps were in order.

It turned out that he had taken another call while he was gone.  Now I don't know locksmith etiquette,  but that doesn't seem like something one should do.  At least, not without letting the first customer know.  He was gone for over two hours.  TWO.  And I've got a therapy appointment, and I can't leave because there are two gaping holes in my front door!

He got here about 10:30 this morning (after saying he'd be here at 10.)  He left at ten after two.  Which gave me half an hour to clean up, change, and make my appointment on time.

"Peeved" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Good thing I ran across this the other day:

No belly laugh yet, but I've got a few hours before bed.


  1. That definitely seems like less than excellent customer service. Glad your door got fixed!!

  2. that's truly aggravating. Hate when we are bound by someone who has a skill we are beholden to


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