Saturday, November 15, 2014

Craft Stuff

The Snappy Cardigan I talked about yesterday?  The yarn I'm using for it positively thrills me.  Honest-to-goodness, I stop every now and then and just hold and smoosh a ball of this stuff.  It's Debbie Macomber Rosebud, color "Sweetpea."  I don't know where it came from, but it must have been on deep, deep sale, because I bought a bag of ten balls.  It's as fantastically mooshy as any yarn I've ever used.

Oh, and someone told me about snap tape;  at least I have a lead!  If it isn't available in colors, I wonder if white running the length of the front will look alright.  This is the sweater:
It's meant to be worn partially open, don't you think?  Will a white (or a black, for that matter) strip be distracting?  A grey one might actually be kind of pretty. . .

Daily Gripe: How is it possible to have a big vase full of knitting needles, and still not be able to find the size you need?


  1. Snap tape in White, Black, Natural, Navy, Red: Is the sweater gray? If so, I vote for black or red.

    Re: lost knitting needle. Check under the couch cushions ;-)

  2. Re: lost knitting needle. Check the WIPs... I find a lot of mine already "in use."

    Thanks, Kathy, for the snap tape link! I like her color recs, too.

  3. Maybe the natural since they do not have the grey? It always breaks my heart a little when I cannot find materials to do what I am envisioning. Needles grow legs and go missing it seems. Perhaps yours and mine have run off some place fabulous together? I hope they have the sense to send postcards.


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