Some Days are Stone

It's been a no-good day for me.  Flat, no energy, nothing interesting or exciting going on.  These are the days I begin to wonder if my medications need another adjusting.

I don't think I've talked about it here, but Ritalin has been added to all my other pills.  The doctor prescribed it to see if it would energize me.  What it does is make me feel like I'm having a panic attack for a while, then leaves me tired and sleepy.

This is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without the picture on top of the box.


  1. Stay in that line!!!! Never give up....never

  2. I loved your Facebook picture tonight 10.30. What is this robert Redford thing?

  3. Balancing on that line myself right now, although not b/c of chemical issues; just an occasional overestimation of just how much I am realistically capable of.


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