Sit and watch some football, sit and knit, sit and read, sit and start putting together the swap match-ups.

Which reminds me;  I need addresses from PICAdrienne and CaffeineGirl.  I can't set up all the pairings until I have them, so please send them ASAP.

Son has been having car trouble all weekend --- sometimes his car will start, sometimes not.  Sometimes using jumper cables has worked, sometimes not.  He bought a new battery, because that sure seemed like the issue.  He and a friend put the battery in, but the car still won't start.  Looks like a towing to the mechanic is in order, and a few of us are on call for getting him wherever he needs to be.  So, sit and be ready if I'm needed.

Sat and watched "The Wallking Dead" season opener last night.  Won't say anything in case you haven't seen it and plan on watching, but I will say I'm glad it's back.


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