I Would Write 500 Posts

Yep, this is my 500th post.  How nice that that prodigious number should be used to talk about the 'Tis the Season swap.


Let's just say there have been many fires today, and I've been chasing around helping put them out.  And, hopefully, keep them from re-erupting.

So, I don't have the specifics today as I had promised.  I apologize, and hope you will come back tomorrow to read them in Post 501.


  1. I am so happy for your 500th post. Happy Happy!
    Whenever you have the specifics is FINE!! No pressure. I have organized swaps before. They take some good thinking. Most of mine have been great;
    I would NOT let anyone you don't know or know through another blogger in. Sometimes they are less than reliable....and even critical of the swap.....you don't need that!


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