Just Thinking

I suppose most parents wish, more than once, that their children wouldn't grow up so fast.  My husband and I tried to never talk about "big boy" or "big girl" things --- we thought it would make our children think the age they were was one to get out of;  that being older meant being better.

Tonight, for whatever reason, I am glad my children have grown up.  Thinking about having a baby in this world, this cruel, tense, polarized, scary world gives me shivers.  Something horrendous is going to happen --- humans tend to do those things to one another --- while my children are alive.  Horrible things have already happened in their lives.  I am very grateful that they are both adults in "these times."  Adults capable of making good, smart, and kind decisions for themselves and for other people.


  1. You've done well. Single parenting after tragedy.......I don't know if it gets any worse than that...and you survived and your kids are great


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