They Matter

I had a "Ten on Tuesday" post to put here today, but doing that wouldn't be right.

There are local suicide prevention call centers all over the country, but, trust me, when you're that close, you aren't interested in looking up a phone number.  So, here is the number for the national Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


If you need it, call it.  If someone close to you needs it, call it.  I have, and I found a heart, strong shoulders, and a good pair of ears on the other end of the line.


  1. I have been on antidepressants for years. They were, quite literally, a lifesaver.

  2. awww. Thanks. He was an amazing man. I had no idea he was so tortured.
    We must do more than open dialogue..the reporters are driving me crazy with their lack of knowledge. If this was a diabetic death we'd have to much more information, fund raising, etc...

  3. What kathy b said. I heard an Expert this afternoon talking about how much fun it is to be manic. Oh dear. Not necessarily. And, often, just NOT.

    My meds are my safety net. Without them, I couldn't even hear above the yelling and crashes.

    ((hugs)) to all who need.


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