Right now, there are several life and health issues swirling around people I love;  I wish I could do Exactly What They Need for them all.

Took daughter to Revival the other day, and she picked out yarns for handwarmers for herself and her roommate, and a hat for herself.  She also fell in love with the store.  She's mainly a seamstress, but is a very good knitter, and loves colors and textures.

My mental health has been frightful of late.  I asked my therapist to write a letter to my psychiatrist explaining what's going on, because I can't think straight.  Or rather, when I try to think, I get white noise and see grey static.  I am constatnly on the verge of what-will-surely-be-my-very-last panic attack.  I'm as likely to break into tears as breathe.

If I can hold on for two weeks, I'll have the Hunk and Chick contests to distract me.  A few more reminders of whom you've had chances to vote for in the past:


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