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It looks like there may be a couple of options for poll-making when Knitters' Hunk and Chick roll around.  For some reason, the site I've always used for voting just is not cooperating this year.  I will do my best to make the contest easy for you all;  please bear with me.

Have you decided on your nominees?  It's just a couple of weeks until you nominate.  Here are some past nominees :


  1. I keep worrying that I'm going to forget mine. So I'm going to write down the initials here. A.S. D.T. and R.G Wooh I feel better now. And yes, A. S. AGAIN so find the lamby photo.

  2. Oh and ps. Thank you for the A. G, eye candy.

  3. Oh and ps again--if I sent you yarn would you make a clapotis? FOR ME? Not for me, for you, but you know, because I want you to make one.

  4. I've got my secret weapon ready!! He's so cute so rugged.. but he's not well known


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