Round and Round

A couple of weeks ago, I was sick.  Last week, Daughter was sick.  Got a call this morning that Son has now succumbed.  I made a chicken soup and DVD run for him earlier.  It's never easy when your children don't feel well, especially when they're away from you.

Still drained today.  Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.  I'm trying not to give up.

Knitting a little bit.  Finishing up a v-neck sleeveless top I started forever ago. Kathy has been knitting lots of these lately:
It's the Garter Trap, from ravelry.  I'm itching to cast one on myself.  I'd like to use the yarns I got a while ago,
but I don't have the yardage the pattern calls for, and I wonder what a shorter version of the scarf would look like.

Today's word is a long, long time favorite.  See what you think:


  1. Great scarf! I faved it in Rav. Next winter...


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