A while back, I said I had a story for another day.  That day is now here.  But the tale is 45+ years old.

I am a stone-cold, almost-lifelong Bee Gees fan.  (As in, I have a crystalline memory of sitting in the swings in elementary school singing "I Started A Joke.")  When I was old enough to go to concerts, I'd go see them when they would come to Nashville.  One of those shows, my Daddy and I went to.  More often, I attended with my best friend, Shari.  Since middle school, she has endured, and enabled my fanaticism.  She was one of the first to check in on me when Maurice, and then Robin, died, leaving only Barry.

Shari lives in Pennsylvania now, so though we keep in touch, we don't get to see each other very often.   For her birthday this year, her husband gave her tickets to Barry's Mythology Tour stop in Philadelphia, and she invited me!  So, next Sunday, I'm flying up to see her, and to see Barry on the 19th.  Very excited.

Once the plans were certain, like any knitter would, I started thinking about what knitting I could take with me.  About that time, I found a trio of patterns at called --- how perfect is this --- Barry, Maurice and Robin.  All three feature stripes, which is how I came to mention the whole stripes thing earlier.  All I have to do is choose the yarns, and away we go. . .


  1. IM So happy for you!! I loved the Bee Gee s too. FOR SO Loh hong….
    Kelli is your daughter right? i just ordered some earrings from Knitterbunny and they are amazing!!!


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