Here's One Thing About Pennsylvania

There are lots of parks.  Great big, beautiful parks.  Not the occasional, small squares of land here with a softball field and a few pieces of playground equipment.

Shari and I went to Covered Bridge Park in Allentown:

The river is something of a fly-fishing Mecca.  We came across a fisherman during our walk;  wholly picturesque.

The park also has a planet walk --- a scale model of the solar system which you can stroll.  From the side of the park where we started, Pluto was first.  (Thank you, Pennsylvania, for not leaving poor Pluto out.)

We only had time to walk to Neptune, but it felt like quite an accomplishment.


  1. I saw a thing in the internet (haven't we all?) where you scrolled sideways through a scale model of the solar system. omg, there is a lot of space between things. (On the other end of the scale, Elder Son and I just watched an episode of Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Inexplicable Universe" in which he says that if the nucleus of an atom were a bb on the pitcher's mound of a baseball stadium, the entire atom would occupy the whole stadium. Zounds!)

  2. I love covered bridges. SO quaint so lovely


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