Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back in the Day

Once upon a time, going to a concert was 1) moderately affordable* and 2) always marked by one wearing an official t-shirt to school the next day.  If it weren't clear who was going to a show before, everyone knew then by who was wearing the CSN&Y/Fleetwood Mac/Queen/Aerosmith/ELP etc. shirts.  Or, in my case, Bee Gees.

Concert t-shirts were a signal of Cool.

In that spirit:

*My daughter just bought a concert ticket that was in the three-digits.  Seriously.


  1. We went to a concert recently where the tickets were only $22! Sure it was a not-well-knows artist (Zoe Keating) in an old OLD theater sitting in ordinary chairs rather than theatre seats, but I was happily surprised when I bought the tickets. Last year when we went to see C.J. Chenier the tickets were closer to $100/per. And I am not even all that fond of zydeco.

  2. Hahah It figures HOUSE has a band. He' s tooooo cool not to be in a band! I want to look up some of his music now


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