Saturday, December 28, 2013


Very blue today.  Not suicidal, just down.  Melancholy.

Christmas was not one to remember.  In fact, it was probably my worst ever.  There were fights, things forgotten and overlooked, blaming and shaming, grim silences, and I was on the verge of tears for two days.

Today is cold and rainy and I need to go to the grocery, but I am just sitting on the couch.

I can lie on facebook, and here, and make things sound like they are normal or fine or even fun.  But lying is tiring.  I don't want to lie any more.  Which may send what few blog readers I have scurrying away, but I can't keep the stories up.  Honesty in 2014.  

It might get ugly.


  1. Your family is real and real families have struggles and they sometimes conquer them. NO one has the Hallmark holiday…
    wishing you peace… YOu are not responsible for anyone else's happiness….


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