Binge and Surge

I have been binge watching "Alphas" --- a now-cancelled SyFy show.  I was going to be sitting for a while yesterday, and decided to watch something.  I think David Strathairn is a  remarkable actor, and he was the lead in the series.  Figured I'd give the show a try, if for no other reason than to watch him, and, of course, I got hooked.  I watched all of Season One yesterday, and am just about through with Season Two today.

Have you ever done anything like that?

Also, have you ever begun to think yourself rather clever?  You know, you come up with an idea or turn of phrase that you want to pat yourself on the back for.  Then you see things like this, and realize you aren't at all as slick as you had thought:


Feeling more and more Christmas-y around here, as all presents are wrapped and beginning, a few at a time, to appear under the tree.  It also dawned on me, after reading kmkat's blog entry today, that another reason I'm feeling extra anticipation this year is because this is the first time that I will be waiting for both my children to come home for the holiday.  That hadn't dawned on me before.


  1. Yup. Got an email from Younger Son this morning. He's the one who will host Christmas. He actually said he was EXCITED! Funny old thing, life.

  2. I LOVE the heart candy cane wreath… pretty! so happy to hear you are looking forward to this Christmas. Can we see the hairless kitty too?


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