Take Two

20.  Taste
Yep.  Again.  I double and triple-checked.  

But first to your personality.  The three words that you feel when you imagine the color "white" are supposed to show your feelings about Death.

Huh?  Did it work?

Hey, I only administer the tests, I don't write them.

Relaxing in a hotel after a day of "The Walking Dead."  Don't have my camera USB cord with me, so can't post any photos for a couple of days.  But, man, it was fun.  I got to talk with Scott Wilson twice, which was my primary goal.  Briton and I were supposed to get a photo with Andrew Lincoln, but his session was late in the day, he was late to it (anything involving him was a jam-packed sell-out), and there were lines upon lines upon lines of people.  500?  600?  Neither Briton nor I had eaten anything all day, and standing in that crowd, in that heat, for, well, it looked like it was going to be forever, just wasn't in our cards.

I'll try to tell you more about the day tomorrow.  It was a remarkable amount of fun, and there's still Hugh tomorrow night!

And I do have something for "taste" --- delicious lobster ravioli for our post-convention meal.


  1. In my head, white means winter. Which is not much different from dead, really.


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