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One of my oldest, and one of my sweetest, online friends is Emily,  who lives in England.  A couple of months ago, she took it upon herself to participate in something called "August Break 2013," where one was supposed to take (and post) a photo inspired by the day's prompt.  I came across the list this weekend, and decided to use it here.  Not for photos, but written posts.  My life is so bleak, and nothing much happens in it, so I can scarcely ever think of something to write here.  Hopefully, these prompts will help.  For 31 days.

1.  Breakfast
I've never been a breakfast eater.  Though I know my mother would have made something for me each morning while I was in school, I don't remember it.  In college, I would go for breakfast occasionally, because the dining hall nearest my dorm had delicious cheese omelettes.
I made something for Briton and Hannah each morning they were in school, but neither of them were big breakfast-eaters either.
The only time I'm willing and ready to eat breakfast is when I travel.  I've always gotten breakfast on the road.  Don't know what makes that different, but it really does.
The things I favor at every breakfast are scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy.  Bacon and hash browns are close second.  Though I never miss a chance to order Eggs Benedict.

What about you?  Any knee-jerk reactions to the word "breakfast"?


  1. My breakfast habits pretty much mirror yours, although I try to eat a bowl of oatmeal several times a week. Such are the glories of aging. DH likes for us to go out for breakfast on the rare occasions that he is up and about before noon (he works nights). And I tend to order eggs Benedict whenever possible, too :-)

  2. IM trying to eat breakfast. I like HOT breakfast. In this order: bacon, syrup, suasages, syrup, bagels, syrup, and waffles ...and syrup

  3. I never ate breakfast and actually took it as a badge of pride (oh, I don't eat BREAKFAST!). About 8 years ago i started eating a low glycemic diet including slow burning carbs. You're required to eat breakfast because you're trying to maintain a metabolic burn the whole day. I will never not eat breakfast again. It really can be the most important meal of the day.

    1. I know. Really, I do. Hard habit to break, though. One reason I'll eat when traveling is that someone else is doing the cooking. Morning after morning here, it's just me.


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