My son has a birthday coming up.  Since he's been in this world, I've used his birthday shopping to start up my Christmas shopping.  Granted, I do a little all year long, but this is the time of year ideas start sparking in my brain.

The Christmas shopping also starts Christmas planning and Christmas knitting.  Since some or all of these may be headed to someone particular as a gift, I won't/can't show identifiers. But this guy is going into the shop, so there isn't any spoiler.

This is Choob.  A friend to the gnomes and owner of a sort-of-spiky, sort-of-sad hair-do.

This is something green:

and this is something in jewel tones:

Groupon triggered an "I have GOT to get back to the ocean" response from me last week.  I counted up my pennies and decided I could manage a few days at Myrtle Beach.  My depression has not just reared, but has held its ugly head in place for several weeks now.  I've been stuck in a black, apparently bottomless, pit.  The last time I went to the beach, my therapist, my psychiatrist and I were all seriously discussing the possibility of ECT for me.  When I got back after a couple of days away, my therapist said that the beach had been my ECT.  That's what I'm hoping for this time.


  1. Awww You are suffering so...and Im so sorry> Im thrilled you can get to the beach. You deserve the lull of the waves. Hang in there......I know you are!


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