9.  Taste
My sense of touch aids in my love of knitting, as the feel of good yarn running through my fingers is a joy.  My sense of hearing helps me enjoy the beach, the rain, my children's laughter, good music.  My sense of sight (painfully, blindingly near as it is) allows me to see clear Fall skies, my children being happy, good movies and TV and books.  My sense of smell is easily my most powerful memory trigger.  So what's up with my sense of taste?

Taste doesn't jar remembrances.  Taste doesn't aid in knitting.  Taste is unneeded when enjoying people, places and things.

What taste does is let me appreciate wonderful flavors: pecans, caramel, sour cream, green onions, lobster, Dr Pepper, milk, toffee, potatoes, catfish, corn on the cob, scrambled eggs and toast, honey peanut butter, crab legs, corned beef, hot and sour soup, blue cheese, rare steak, biscuits, scalloped oysters, cabbage, broccoli, black-eyed peas, dry rub ribs, tomatoes. . .

You get the picture.

Oh, and answering one of those "Which Would You Choose?" questions, if I had to pick a single sense to lose, it would be taste.


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