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Nominations still coming in. . .  To Lorette, Bridget and Kathy, who have given the contests shout-outs on their blogs and facebook:


One issue has come up a couple of times already, and I want to address it.  You can nominate someone whom someone else has nominated.  In fact, it makes it a little easier --- seedings, where people's names will go in the tournament draw --- are based on how many nominations they get.  Well, the seeds after the previous winners, of course.  So, truly --- REALLY --- nominate who you want, who you feel is most deserving.  If there's a tie at the end of the contest, well. . .  I always cook up a crazy-type tiebreaker. . .

Again, the seeds below are set.  Just waiting for you to fill in any more:
1.  Liam Neeson
2.  Benedict Cumberbatch
3.  Sam Neill
4.  Alan Rickman

1.  Maggie Smith
2.  Meryl Streep


  1. For chicks: Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock
    For hunks: Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Fabio Viviani

  2. I'm visiting from being prompted by kathy b! So, since I'm here, I'll nominate Hugh Jackman and Salma Hayek.

    You can visit me at

  3. Kathy b sent me this way. I'm going to nominate Daniel Craig. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  4. James Garner. Yummy! Thanks for this blog thang where we can nominate HUNKS!

  5. Omigosh, Robin Thicke (Thin Blurred Lines ) have you seen his eyes? I would knit him a mesh sweater to match those baby blues! ( I'm a lurker )

  6. How about... Rufus Wainwright?


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