I Must Repeat This Daily.

1. We cannot make our children happy.
2. We cannot give our children high self-esteem.
3. We cannot make friendships for our children or micro-manage their friendships.
4. We cannot successfully double as our child's agent, manager, and coach.
5. We cannot create the "second family" for which our child yearns in order to facilitate his or her own growth.
6. It is increasingly apparent that we parents cannot compete with or limit our children's total immersion in the online, digital, and social media realms.
7. We cannot keep our children perfectly safe, but we can drive them crazy trying.
8. We cannot make our children independent.


  1. So, so true. My son is 11 and I am personally struggling internally with many of these items. It's hard to let them "sink or swim", isn't it?

  2. All true. All difficult. It was so tiring when they were little, but so cut and dry. Adults with adults is sometimes harder.


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