Second acupuncture session today, and it was a disaster.  The needles, the cupping caused pains that made it difficult to breathe.  One needle to my hand sent electricity through my fingers.  One needle in my foot, in a place that one was last time, caused me to gasp in pain.

Then, all of a sudden, I was crying.  Not just tears leaking out of my eyes.  Huge, racking sobs.  I couldn't stop.

If I can't even endure the treatment, how will I ever get well?


  1. Wow. I'm so sorry it was so difficult today. I have no words of wisdom, only prayers that you will somehow find your way.

  2. Keep at it honey. SOBBING is a great release. I hope you felt relief afterwards.....
    I think the crying may be a good side effect of the pins....

    IM so proud of you for trying and NOT GIVING UP

  3. Acupuncture might need a few treatments to get to the healing bit - it's releasing now. Cupping otoh, I thought was totally discredited?

    Any way, I hope something makes you feel better! I did love the pup on the staircase. In a couple of months of nothing but Mondays, that was lovely.

    Oh! And I think of you every time I put on my gala Mexican style coat scarf. It is absolutely perfect with V-necks.


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